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Why is the group starting now?

With a new Palmetto Bluff owner in place, we believe it is an opportune time to reignite the group.

How does the PBNA benefit me?

Provides oversight and enhanced compliance with various Palmetto Bluff governance and management documents between the owner and members.

What is the difference between the Palmetto Bluff Advisory Committee and the PBNA?

The Advisory Committee is formed and staffed at the direction of the developer.

The PBNA is an independent organization formed and directed by the property owners’.

What are the dues used for?

Website development, communications, administrative assistance, and contingencies.

How were the current board chosen?

Upon reconstitution of the PBNA, the organizers selected the board for a one-year interim period. In the future, new board members will be nominated in accordance with the bylaws.

Are my dues deductible?

PBNA is a not-for-profit association, but your membership dues are not deductible.

Are the directors and officers paid?

No. PBNA is a volunteer association.

What is the criteria for membership?

You must own property to be a member.

If you do not own property and would still like to help, you can donate.

Are financial records of PBNA available to members?

In the spirit of transparency, all association financials will be published to the member web site on a quarterly basis.

How do I offer my services to PBNA?

We have set up many committees that you are able to apply for.

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